For a reputable treatment facility to understand what needs to be done to deal with addiction, it is important that they have a background in medicine and patient care. This is exactly the kind of motivation we take to heart when finding out what programmes will help treat the patients we see.

Recovery from addiction is a process and this process requires different phases to be seen through in order to get to the end goal which is healing. The first process that needs to be followed is that of acceptance that a problem exists. For the addict, denial is a standard response to hearing that they may have a problem. This is why in the early stages of being sent to rehab, it is so important to admit that there is a problem, and that something needs to be done to address that problem. A good support system is vital during this time and that means the support of family and friends as well as of a team of trained staff who can make the journey easier.

The next treatment phase occurs in the long term commitment of someone to rehab. In this phase, the patient will need to do a drug detox and will have to spend countless hours addressing both the physical and mental problems that have led to addiction and those that addiction has caused. This is a long process and can take anywhere from a month to a year, depending on the person in question, something that care facilitators must keep in mind.

Once these phases are done, the next step is to allow the patient to leave rehab. While they will not need to be confined in this set environment anymore, they will still need to attend an outpatient programme or meetings with others to ensure that they stay on track. This will compromise their support system upon exiting rehab.

As a premium provider of healthcare to addicts, we agree that the best possible process for helping them is a tailor-made plan that addresses their unique needs. In this, the support and help of professional healthcare experts and or the addict’s friends and family is vital to ensure that they continue on their journey of healing and live a more productive life. Because relapse is a clear danger, this kind of support system and treatment is invaluable and those who are able to find it are amongst the lucky few.